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Simplify Everything

Complicated workflows, difficult to use products or services, and the staples and glue that hold it all together are slowing you and your business down.

The primary goal at Aethercode is to simplify the products, services, and workflows needed for any business to function efficiently. From small business websites, to largescale social communities; from Municipal management platforms to custom Claims and Policy Management; from simple blogs to complex gaming websites; today's technology demands professional experience to leverage tried and true industry best practices, while still pushing the boundaries of new technologies and advancements.

Broad overview of Services

Dynamic, Social Websites

Custom websites, tailored to your business or social goals

Custom Applications

Designed around specific business needs or challenges unique to your business or customers

Software Architect Consulting

Even if we don't build the application, our experience and services are always available to help craft a solution

Enterprise Site and App Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting with Amazon (AWS); no 3rd Party Hosts to call.

Dynamic Websites

Let's face it; websites are important. Today they not only serve information to potential customers, but more and more existing customers are expecting websites to be an interactive tool that they can rely on to patronize your business. If you're not implementing social connectors, or providing log-in-based services, you're missing out on a wide array of digital services you could be offering your customers; subscriptions, value-add services, additional services, and automated processes to streamline customer interactions.
Below are just a few featured examples of clients with Dynamic Websites that can control their own content.
CrossFit NovaVita

CrossFit Nova Vita


Beyond the Belt Martial Arts

Beyond the Belt


Big Rock Campground

Big Rock Campground


Custom Applications

Custom Applications can solve even the most complex business process by custom tailoring an application and interface that works for you. With a custom application, you can offer an interactive, unforgettable experience for your clients; all while saving you time, energy, and money in lost efficiencies. The epitome of professionalism for any business is having an application that's designed specifically to serve the business and its clients. Just ask Google, FaceBook, GoDaddy, Pinterest, or any number of Custom Applications masquerading as simple websites.

Why Custom Apps?

Custom Apps aren't just for the big guys; even small businesses can benefit from a carefully crafted custom application. Sometimes even more than their larger competitors!

A single paper process that consumes just 10 minutes a day equates to a staggering full work week of time lost over the course of a year.

It's easy to see just how fast a custom application can pay for itself in saved time alone; nevermind avoiding the aggravation that goes along with it!

  • Is that old Access Database locked up again, or worse; corrupted this time?
  • Does that shared, complicated, pieced-together, Excel Spreadsheet make you insane?
  • How many customer calls a day could be avoided with a simple, online process?
  • Do you have a digital audit trail of important customer interactions?

Accessible Anywhere with Internet

Tired of the VPN in to the office? Or worse, no remote access at all? Want to access your customer data or business workflows from your mobile device, desktop, or ... couch? Leave that thumb drive at the office and enjoy untethered access to your data, from anywhere, 24x7.

Socially Connected

Authenticate to your custom application with any number of supported Social Providers from anywhere with Internet access. Once authenticated, your application can be designed, for instance, to post directly to your Twitter feed.

Integrate Custom APIs

3rd Party services can be integrated into custom applications via API's made available by any number of service providers. A custom application can be tailored to work with any well documented set of API's.

Secure, Version Controlled Source

In addition to full version control (Git) for any Custom Application source code, all applications are hosted in an isolated, dedicated, load-balanced evironment with automatic redundant backups.

Let us help you find those lost 10 minutes every day; and then streamline everything else!

Below are just a few featured examples of our launched social Custom Applications

FraggedNation: Competitive Online Gaming


Lakes Region Internships Program: 200x2020

Lakes Region Internships


Proteus Web Application Foundry

Proteus Web App Foundry

No link necessary; this page was generated with Proteus. It's all around you!

Do you need a Custom Application, or Dynamic Website?

Openings are available for the right projects!

Software Architect Consulting Services

Sometimes you just need an expert to do the heavy lifting for you. The difficulty today is finding reliable resources with a broad range of competencies; a digital jack of all trades to navigate your quagmire of IT infrastructure.

Let us leverage our experience to help overcome challenges you thought previously insurmountable!

Below are just a few of the proficiencies available for consulting services

Business Process Auditing

How efficient are you really? A business process audit can help identify key bottlenecks in improving efficiencies in places you might never have considered.

Web or Application Audit

Still struggling with an outdated application or website because it seems to difficult to overhaul? Technology is highly perishable, so set up an audit today to make sure you don't leave yourself stranded when an outdated piece of software finally gives up.

Software Architect Consulting

Let us help you craft the perfect app, workflow, or process; even if we don't implement it.

Database Design

MS-SQL, mySQL, noSQL; oh my! Specializing in `normalizing` outdated Database projects, we're able to help with a wide array of Database challenges.

Cross Platform Experience

With so many options available, why limit yourself? We don't! Our experience crosses all major platforms, maximizing the value of our consulting services.

Request a Consultation

Got a question? Drop us a line! IT can be daunting, and tying it all together can be an exhausting task at best. Let us know what software, or lack thereof, challenges you face in your business!